Our Partners

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Our Team

Insurance, blockchain and financial worlds collide.

Team member 01
Dan Roberts
CEO & Co-Founder
Team member 02
Theodore Georgas
CTO & Co-Founder
Team member 03
Ramesh Nair
Blockchain Lead
Team member 04
Huan Zhang
Frontend Lead
Team member 05
Davide Pacilio
UX/UI lead
Team member 07
Caroline Kerswell
Head of Regulation & Legal
Team member 08
Alex Melkonian
Product & Business Lead
Team member 09
Aurelian Mesaros
Backend Lead
Team member 10
David Verbeeten
Commercial Officer
Team member 11
Tyler Skelton
Head of Finance
Team member 12
Danielle Wall
Chief Operations Officer
Team member 13
Adam Adamson
Head of Insurance
Team member 14
Marko Dumic
Fullstack Developer
Team member 15
Aleksander Marinkovic
Fullstack Developer
Team member 16
Dalton Alexander
Head of UX
Team member 06
Lawrence Tilli

What Our Partners are Saying

We’re not here to replace. We are here to bring huge efficiencies to the most efficient players in the market, in a transparent and agnostic fashion.

Testimonial 01

At Maker we believe in the power of transparency and composability in financial transactions. Nayms is bringing these premises to the traditional insurance industry in a cutting-edge way. I can't wait to see the result of this collaboration.

Testimonial 02

I could not be more excited to partner with Nayms to tackle one of the biggest problems in the crypto space - limited insurance capacity. Dan and the Nayms team bring an excellent balance of curiosity, smarts, hunger, and creativity, all of the right charactersistics to solve an industry issue of this magnitude.

Testimonial 03

At SafetyWing we believe that Insurance should be transparent and simple. As we are doing with travel medical insurance and global health insurance, Nayms is doing with the reinsurance market. We can't wait to use Nayms technology to make our offering even more transparent and better for our customers.