A Platform for the Placement and Trade of the World’s Risk

Our traceable smart contract is built on a trustless system, meaning insurance brokers can place a contract between market participants in a limitless number of areas and share in the future value of such open trade.

Crypto-to-crypto Cover

Crypto investors wrap assets into Nayms Smart Contracts, providing cover for crypto related losses of the same denomination. The contract is immutable and preset by brokers and asset managers so risk is transparent.

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Beyond Digitisation

Autonomous payment handling, immutable transaction record, transparent contract price, on-chain orderbook and more. We’re building a new insurance ecosystem from the ground up, with the best partners in the field.

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An eye on the Future

And with a robust smart contract solution to insurance, why not apply this level of efficiency to traditional insurance, from ILS and capital markets to the insurance and reinsurance marketplaces of the years to come.

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